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Cooperating with Menter you are guaranteed to have your cargo delivered fast and secure.
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We offer extensive 24/7 support gives you an opportunity to track your cargo every step of its way.
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We provide our clients with the highest level of secured service and understand its true meaning.
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Being a member of a global transportation network, we can deliver any cargo to any point on the map.

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Our goal has always been to offer a comprehensive approach to moving dependable and hassle-free items. As a consequence, we've integrated the use of high-quality packing materials and cutting-edge procedures throughout the whole moving process.

We want to work our way through the visions and missions while avoiding any harm that may prove to be an obstacle to our organization's progress. Our work is focused on a number of fundamental ideals that determine our success.

As part of our commitment to providing a safe, secure, and hassle-free moving experience, we have partnered with the finest and most competent relocation service providers around India with years of expertise in the logistics field.

About Us

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Big Boy Packers typically have a team of trained professionals working together to make the moving process as quick and easy as possible. From back-office to packaging to transportation to relocation, we have a highly experienced team of professionals in every department.

Our Big Boy Packers Bhubaneshwar ensures complete transparency, security, high-quality packaging, and reasonable prices. In addition, we offer customized packing and moving services based on your needs.

Menter is an air freight forwarder. We can determine the most efficient and effective routing of your shipment. Through our network of carriers, we provide direct, all-cargo flights to Latin America and the Caribbean that meet customer needs.

Besides our other services, we offer Ocean to Air Freight Shipments for Fresh Produce to Europe and Asia. Menter and its subsidiary, Customized Brokers have launched a pioneering program that combines ocean and air transport of perishable products from Central America to Asia and Europe via South Florida with multiple sailing days and fast transit times. For more information on this service, please contact us directly using the form on our website.

Address - Sector-A, Zone-B, Plot no-185, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Near BlueWheel Hospital, Odisha-751010

We will work with you to learn the specific shipping requirements of your freight and help you simplify the transportation process. We monitor your specialized freight shipments to ensure they are delivered to the destination on-time.

Our company’s rail services provide much more than the average logistics company. Our facility is equipped with a rail spur that runs directly behind our building. This unique component of our business allows your product to be brought directly to our warehouse so that it can be transloaded and distributed by rail to its final destination. Rail is faster, safer and often is more cost efficient than other intermodal options.

Looking for a warehouse solution for your company? Menter transportation company can manage your distribution center and related operations, so you can focus on your core business.

Our Warehouse and Distribution team provides daily support for your supply chain. With our expertise in retail operations and product logistics management, along with the assistance of the latest technology, we are able to help you make the most of your existing distribution operations. We ensure that the job is done right the first time, every time. Our services include a variety of solutions vital to your business.

Understanding every client’s needs and goals is key to our success, but when those are still under development we can assist in providing clarity through data and analysis.

Our team can work directly with your key folks to develop cost reduction and service improvement opportunities, feasibility and ROI studies, transportation network analysis.

Whether you are global or local, asset or non-asset based, move shipments by air, ocean, ground or any combination in-between, the challenge for transportation and logistics service providers is to offer differentiated service at a competitive price.

This is easier said than done, as you have to manage shipments, resources and documents that are all concurrently in motion with business processes that extend to the edge of your enterprise and well into your trading partners’ and customers’ operations. Working with trading partners can also be a challenge because they are numerous and your relationships with them are constantly changing.